Improve physical, mental, and financial health with simplified payments.

Billbox is a digital solution that makes it easier for patients to pay medical bills while improving their credit, straight from their phone. Healthcare professionals get paid faster and patients can improve their financial health while improving their physical health. A win-win situation.
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Medical debt in collections in America


Of Americans have unpaid medical debt, the majority of which has been sold to collection agencies


of medical debt is under $5k.
32% is under $1k in medical debt.

What are we doing here?

At Billbox, we’re transforming medical billing. The existing system just isn’t working.
By pivoting to a patient-focused platform, we make paying medical bills easier and more rewarding. And healthcare professionals get paid faster. It’s a win-win.

Collection agencies don’t need to be the answer to getting people to pay medical bills. Credit reporting doesn’t need to just be used for reporting the bad stuff. If we can improve people’s credit via medical bills, we create a healthier society.

How It Works

Doctor invoices patient within Billbox app

Billbox makes it easier for healthcare professionals to send invoices, completely digitally.
No more lost bills in the mail.

Patient is notified and pays online

Patients receive a text and email to a link where they can pay directly online-
no app download required.

Patient credit score improves!

We streamline the process to reporting paid bill to major credit bureaus. Improving physical and financial health at the same time.

What Makes Us Special?

Built For Patients
made for patients, by patients
Win/Win Partnerships
we make paying & getting paid easier
Cultivating Joy
yep, even while paying bills
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